Voice 13 – Dusty Springfield (Windmills of your Mind)

If you can ignore the bafflingly literal graphics in this video, the song is overwhelmingly gorgeous.

Voice 12 – The Mysterious Stranger

Provided you’re prepared to consider blood-curdling terror to be soothing, “Satan’s” voice is really quite therapeutic.

Voice 11 – Oliver Postgate

It’s Oliver Postgate! Aka the greatest man who has ever lived. He’s narrating the Clangers in this one. Expect a lot of him here.

Voice 10 – David Attenborough

Yep, it’s the soother extraordinaire himself. Rest assured, you will be seeing more from him, but for now, this one is about squirrels.

Voice 9 – Dr Gina Toll (Dianne West)

Played by the glorious Dianne West. Mmmm, don’t you sometimes think you should go into therapy, just on the offchance of landing a Gina? Gabriel Byrne ain’t bad either.

Note: A user called ControlMastery has made some pretty fascinating analyses of the therapy on In Treatment. However, what interests me, and is most pertinent on these blogs, is that the voiceover on these videos successfully demonstrates that fine line between “soothing” and “creepy”. Yeeeerk.

Voice 8 – Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv)

The über-soothe comes in around 0:57 when she puts on her caring hat. Ahh, children, the mother source of all that is soothing…

Voice 7 – Carl Sagan

One of my housemates (we’ll call him “Aaaahhhh”) describes Sagan’s voice as “a very soothing voice, with a hint of kermit the frog”. Well, I’ll agree with the second part *raspberry*. Nonetheless, here it is.

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