Voice 17 – Urgelt

Who is Urgelt? And why has he created a Youtube account consisting entirely of quiet, leisurely poetry readings? Who knows. The very understated manifesto on his youtube profile says:

If I could sum up my message in a few words, I’d probably use these: be skeptical of what people tell you, there are a lot of self-serving liars at large. Use search engines, they are the most powerful invention since printed books. Be amazed at the wonderful universe we live in. Be in love with literature and poetry. Try to be kind; a world filled with kindness is a nicer place to live.

So I suppose I’ll let that speak for itself.

I chose this video, a reading of the poem The Children’s Hour by Henry Longfellow, because by chance I happened to buy a beautifully illustrated second-hand book called Excelsior by the same poet while in Edinburgh and only discovered afterwards that he was a very well-known children’s author at one time. It’s also rather lovely that he finishes this video with the advice “Fathers. Read to your children.”


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