Voice 25 – Tony Hart

Oh, the memories. He doesn’t talk much for the first 5 minutes, or very much at all, but this appears to be the only video of him I can find online apart from the Artbox Bunch, and the theme tune for that is so ghastly I couldn’t bear to subject you all to it.

Also, turns out that the US have an equivalent that comes complete with his own non-detachable soothing voice. Hooray! Thanks to Christine Egan for bringing Bob Ross to my attention:

Voice 24 – John Cassavetes

Not often very quiet, but when he is, he has a voice like toffee. Watch this remarkable rant in relation to his film Opening Night, in which he slams Hollywood, consumer society, lazy audiences and gratuitously violent movies, and I challenge you not to be hypnotised by the end.

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Voice 22/23 – Little Catinca Untaru/Lee Pace

The Fall is a labour of love/self indulgent vanity project (depending on who you ask) from director Tarsem – previously a music video and commercials director who poured his own money into this 4 year project. Predictably, the flights of fancy are never quite thrilling enough to really carry you away, but the movie is saved by the really wonderful performances and pitch-perfect chemistry between stars Lee Pace and Catinca Untaru. Really, I could listen to them murmur all day. Another video after the jump. Read on