Voice 27 – Susan Goms

I know I’m being horribly lazy at the moment and only uploading other people’s suggestions, but I just haven’t come across any especially soothing voices lately. Also I’ve been a little busy with my other blog *plug alert*, Girl some kind of Gamer.

Anyway, here’s Racquet’s suggestion, Susan Goms on how to remove stains. I’ve watched it 5 times and still have no idea how to actually remove the stains, simply too distracted by the language of soothe. Although, full disclosure, I’ve always found the sound “Gom” to be slightly disturbing, ever since I downloaded GOM player for my computer. I don’t know, it just sounds like the description of some form of obscene substance. Sorry Susan.

Voice 26 – Jackie Kennedy

Thanks to Roger for this suggestion. Being a Brit, I can’t access the video on Hulu, so thought I’d hunt it down on YouTube. Not only is she just about one of the most soothing people there have ever been with an aristocratic American accent that has all but died out now, but the film also has crackly old school background noise. It’s also interesting to hear Kennedy, who, like most at the time would have been, is evidently unsure quite how to deal with speaking and appearing on television. There’s something endearingly awkward and self-conscious about it all. Soothing voice heaven.