Voice 29 – Station Officer Dodds

After an interminable amount of footage of people faffing about with inflatable rafts, (though if you’re not too distracted by the images of panicked citizens, there’s lots of nice running water noises…) we get a little interview at 4:50 with a Fireman talking about the flood and the rescue effort. His voice is pretty soothing. He’s Scottish. Can’t go wrong with a Scottish accent in a soothing scenario.

Voice 28 – Clive Robertson

I have no idea what this guy is talking about, but he’s an Australian TV presenter from 20 years ago. I think he’s like the Australian Terry Wogan. Very soothing voice, but why on Earth he is going through a series of toy figures with nicknames like “prune face” (‘when the ratings are down, he looks like this. When the ratings are up…he looks like this), or describing David Bowie as a “space cookie”, I really couldn’t say.