Voice 51 – Nani

For my money, the star turn of tonight’s Spain vs. Portugal Euro 2012 semifinal. So far, at least. And I’m gratified to discover that he has the perfect voice for my blog as well, making him effectively a perfect specimen of man.

Turns out this voice thing is an actual thing

Apparently, our reaction to voices is what’s called an “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”. Research is being pursued into the phenomenon and everything. There’s also a really good blog post about it here. Don’t you just feel a little bit special?

Apparently, the triggers for it are:

  • Exposure to slow, accented, or unique speech patterns
  • Viewing educational or instructive videos or lectures
  • Experiencing a high empathetic or sympathetic reaction to an event
  • Enjoying a piece of art or music
  • Watching another person complete a task, often in a diligent, attentive manner – examples would be filling out a form, writing a check, going through a purse or bag, inspecting an item closely, etc.
  • Close, personal attention from another person
  • Haircuts, or other touch from another on head or back
Apart from the haircuts *shudder* I’d say just about all those triggers work for me. I remember watching my sister writing in her diary when I was a kid and completely zoning out to it. Same when I’d watch my friends doing their makeup before a night out. Though they’ve also missed out “the crackles on old black and white movies”. An important one, that.

So what do you think of that?

Voice 50 – Ibrahim Al Alhabib

Update: In case any of you are confused, I’ve changed the first song on this post to the song Assouf, because I prefer it and I’m fickle. The song that was here before (Ikyadarh Dim) is still after the jump.

A very deserving 50th voice here, as I jump right on the “what’s trendy in world music” bandwagon. But the band he sings for, Tinariwen, is pretty stupendous so I’ll make peace with my sheepitude on this occasion.

A couple more videos after the jump, including them performing live with another favourite, TV on the Radio  More

Voice 49 – Felix Monet

Here you go, a tutorial on how to put so much effort into a night out that the sheer scale of planning and graft will successfully destroy any spontaneous fun you might otherwise have had at the event itself.

But, you know, the voice.

Thanks to Katie for the rec.

Voice 48 – Russell Means

Ack, okay, lets ignore his advocacy of veganism and mineral water as a treatment for cancer, because I can’t even. He has a nice voice.

Thanks to Anish for the suggestion.

Voice 47 – the man with the haptic pen

This video goes up in tribute to my pal who started talking about haptics when I told him about my thing with voices, and made me feel profound, as opposed to compulsive and peculiar, by saying I was responding to the texture of sound in a stronger way than other people. Well, aren’t I a sensual mofo.

Besides that, this pen is just cool. Although it’s funny that they’re trying so hard to recreate the click of a camera shutter button for digital cameras and touchscreens, given that in a few years no one will even remember what it’s like to use a real shutter button. Then people will moan about how inauthentic all this clicking stuff is and how it just doesn’t feel right and they miss when all you got when you touched the screen was the faint sensation of static. Ah, the good old days.


Now pass the jump for an unbelievably creepy video about a jacket that allows you to cuddle yourself, which is not remotely soothing. More

Voice 46 – Reggie Oliver

Thanks to Chris Bauer for sending this in. I classify this in the genre of “classic soothe”. Basically just lots of crisp consonants and unthreatening poshness. I particularly like the completely unalarming way in which he introduces a Jack the Ripper related passage with “here’s a rather dramatic one in which he tries to strangle the heroine.” It reminds of the six-fingered man from The Princess Bride introducing ghastly torture to the hero as if he’s apologising for a below-par pot of tea.

And it’s a whole THIRTY DAMN HELL MINUTES of it. Yeah, I said damn hell, cos I’m bad.

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Voice 45 – Some guy who contemplates stones. Yay pretentious!

Yeah, he likes stones. Look, here’s a book about them. Check out the pictures. Ah, he made them himself! I think. Well well.

Thanks to Harley for the recommendation.

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Voice 44 – Derek Lance Jefferson. Pure odd.

Okay, before you watch this, I’m not gonna lie. It doesn’t really qualify by my barometer of soothing. But I had to put it up because it marks a benchmark of sorts for this blog. This is the first “voice” that’s been suggested to my by the actual person in the video. Yeah, they basically sent me an audition tape.

Anyway, thanks for the submission Derek, which is duly commemorated in this post. I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what the heck you’re talking about in the video (something about walking in beauty with the Wayans brothers), but your diction is lovely and I’m quite ill today so the sheer surreality of it really tickled my delirium, of which I’m always a fan. So thanks for that. I’ve come over all Lynchian.

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