Voice 47 – the man with the haptic pen

This video goes up in tribute to my pal who started talking about haptics when I told him about my thing with voices, and made me feel profound, as opposed to compulsive and peculiar, by saying I was responding to the texture of sound in a stronger way than other people. Well, aren’t I a sensual mofo.

Besides that, this pen is just cool. Although it’s funny that they’re trying so hard to recreate the click of a camera shutter button for digital cameras and touchscreens, given that in a few years no one will even remember what it’s like to use a real shutter button. Then people will moan about how inauthentic all this clicking stuff is and how it just doesn’t feel right and they miss when all you got when you touched the screen was the faint sensation of static. Ah, the good old days.


Now pass the jump for an unbelievably creepy video about a jacket that allows you to cuddle yourself, which is not remotely soothing.

You know it’s just a matter of time before someone takes this to its inevitable conclusion and designs a “porn coat” that allows people to have sex simultaneously with a mannequin and themselves.

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