Voice 40 – Oliver Postgate mark 2: Bagpuss

Yep, I told you there’d be more Oliver Postgate. Granted that was like, 2 years ago but still, promise met.

There were many occasions during my teenage years that I fell asleep while babysitting in front of this show. Don’t tell the parents. It is absolutely hypnotic and just lovely, lovely, lovely. Especially Professor Yaffle. It has a stillness and calm completely missing from most, possibly all, children’s TV these days. Toy Story eat your heart out. Well, no, I love Toy Story. So, we’ll…just ignore that awkward and irrelevant comparison altogether, shall we?


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Voice 36 – Totoro

Granted Totoro doesn’t actually speak, but this sequence of him in the rain with an umbrella is still one of the most soothing things I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately the only video I could find online has been dubbed into French but as far as I can tell Totoro’s growls remain the same.


Voice 12 – The Mysterious Stranger

Provided you’re prepared to consider blood-curdling terror to be soothing, “Satan’s” voice is really quite therapeutic.

Voice 11 – Oliver Postgate

It’s Oliver Postgate! Aka the greatest man who has ever lived. He’s narrating the Clangers in this one. Expect a lot of him here.