Voice 54 – Ai Weiwei

Another brilliant rec here from friend of the blog Maria (in Cologne, no less).

Good person, great artist, voice voice voice voice voice. Speaking very movingly here about Chinese repression and what motivates his work.

Voice 46 – Reggie Oliver

Thanks to Chris Bauer for sending this in. I classify this in the genre of “classic soothe”. Basically just lots of crisp consonants and unthreatening poshness. I particularly like the completely unalarming way in which he introduces a Jack the Ripper related passage with “here’s a rather dramatic one in which he tries to strangle the heroine.” It reminds of the six-fingered man from The Princess Bride introducing ghastly torture to the hero as if he’s apologising for a below-par pot of tea.

And it’s a whole THIRTY DAMN HELL MINUTES of it. Yeah, I said damn hell, cos I’m bad.

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Voice 45 – Some guy who contemplates stones. Yay pretentious!

Yeah, he likes stones. Look, here’s a book about them. Check out the pictures. Ah, he made them himself! I think. Well well.

Thanks to Harley for the recommendation.

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Voice 41 – Isabelle Adjani

Obvo, she’s French innit?

Check her out in La Reine Margot and Camille Claudel if you haven’t already. Clips from both if you read on.  More

Voice 38 – David Heyman, and I’m a dickhead

Oh dear, having just checked my inbox I am super sorry to the people who’ve sent me email suggestions that I’ve ignored and my general lack of updatonage. I really never expect people to be as interested in my bizarre soothe habit as they are. And for some strange reason this only makes me more concerned for the sanity of me.

However, I’ve now cycled through my biannual foodie and videogame phase (I categorise life themes different from other people) and I’m back on soothy. Also Joss Whedon as other cracked fans (I see us as the victims) may have gleaned from the -age and the -y. Just watched all seven seasons of Buffy in a row in just over a week. Which was great, even if its fatal flaw is that I found no evidence of true soothe. Though Anthony Stewart Head has potential. Bear with me, I am hitting his back catalogue. I’ll find something with the sincere promise that it will not involve creepy instant coffee. Geeaaauuurggghh (that’s my shudder noise).

Meanwhile, here’s David Heyman discussing Harry Potter, as suggested by Maria. Thanks Maria.



I’m calm. It’s fine.

Voice 25 – Tony Hart

Oh, the memories. He doesn’t talk much for the first 5 minutes, or very much at all, but this appears to be the only video of him I can find online apart from the Artbox Bunch, and the theme tune for that is so ghastly I couldn’t bear to subject you all to it.

Also, turns out that the US have an equivalent that comes complete with his own non-detachable soothing voice. Hooray! Thanks to Christine Egan for bringing Bob Ross to my attention:

Voice 24 – John Cassavetes

Not often very quiet, but when he is, he has a voice like toffee. Watch this remarkable rant in relation to his film Opening Night, in which he slams Hollywood, consumer society, lazy audiences and gratuitously violent movies, and I challenge you not to be hypnotised by the end.

More videos after the jump. More

Voice 12 – The Mysterious Stranger

Provided you’re prepared to consider blood-curdling terror to be soothing, “Satan’s” voice is really quite therapeutic.

Voice 3 – Marie Gabrielle-Rotie

Just listen to those crispy consonants. And some mesmerising physical theatre to boot. Takes you to another place.