Voice 39 – Alyson Hannigan (as Willow Rosenberg)

What the hell am I saying, of course there’s a soothing voice presence on Buffy, in the form of shy retiring witch Willow.

Though I tell you this, it is extremely bloody hard to find a video of Willow actually talking (rather than lots of cuts of her mooning into the middle distance – not that kind of mooning – while sad music plays) and where she isn’t either saying “So’s your face” or stripping someone’s skin off. So thank me for my hard work here.

Voice 16 – Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) 2

Yeah I’ve done her already, but what can I do? Her voice is mental soothing. Here she is in a sneak peek for Season 3 of Fringe. The psychiatrist woman isn’t half bad either.

Voice 9 – Dr Gina Toll (Dianne West)

Played by the glorious Dianne West. Mmmm, don’t you sometimes think you should go into therapy, just on the offchance of landing a Gina? Gabriel Byrne ain’t bad either.

Note: A user called ControlMastery has made some pretty fascinating analyses of the therapy on In Treatment. However, what interests me, and is most pertinent on these blogs, is that the voiceover on these videos successfully demonstrates that fine line between “soothing” and “creepy”. Yeeeerk.

Voice 8 – Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv)

The über-soothe comes in around 0:57 when she puts on her caring hat. Ahh, children, the mother source of all that is soothing…

Voice 5 – Ana, Ana, Paulina (Cría Cuervos)

Here are the three of them, as played by Geraldine Chaplin, Ana Torrent and Mónica Randall, in the opening scenes of Cría Cuervos, or Raising Ravens. It’s a delightful film about the day-to-day horror of life for women under Franco, as told through the eyes of a cute little girl, and with added sooooooothe.