Voice 54 – Ai Weiwei

Another brilliant rec here from friend of the blog Maria (in Cologne, no less).

Good person, great artist, voice voice voice voice voice. Speaking very movingly here about Chinese repression and what motivates his work.

Voice 48 – Russell Means

Ack, okay, lets ignore his advocacy of veganism and mineral water as a treatment for cancer, because I can’t even. He has a nice voice.

Thanks to Anish for the suggestion.

Voice 35 – Desmond Tutu

Obviously. Just listen to the way he says “atavistic”. Granted, not the most cheerful subject matter, but he’s saying nice things about it.

More Desmond saying good things after the jump.  More

Voice 26 – Jackie Kennedy

Thanks to Roger for this suggestion. Being a Brit, I can’t access the video on Hulu, so thought I’d hunt it down on YouTube. Not only is she just about one of the most soothing people there have ever been with an aristocratic American accent that has all but died out now, but the film also has crackly old school background noise. It’s also interesting to hear Kennedy, who, like most at the time would have been, is evidently unsure quite how to deal with speaking and appearing on television. There’s something endearingly awkward and self-conscious about it all. Soothing voice heaven.

Voice 2 – Martin Luther King

His first interview, so, soothing and important. Mmmmmm. He comes in at around 3:15. That other guy on the panel doesn’t do so bad, either. And just listen to that comforting old school microphone crackle.

Be warned, though, it was made in 1957, so you do need to put up with pretty frequent use of the phrase “the negro”.

Voice 1 – Laura Bush

Oh, Laura. All is forgiven. Ahem…