Voice 50 – Ibrahim Al Alhabib

Update: In case any of you are confused, I’ve changed the first song on this post to the song Assouf, because I prefer it and I’m fickle. The song that was here before (Ikyadarh Dim) is still after the jump.

A very deserving 50th voice here, as I jump right on the “what’s trendy in world music” bandwagon. But the band he sings for, Tinariwen, is pretty stupendous so I’ll make peace with my sheepitude on this occasion.

A couple more videos after the jump, including them performing live with another favourite, TV on the Radio  More

Voice 42 – Carrie Underwood

Yes, the advert is completely and utterly ludicrous. For example, did you know that “you see more and more that people are having problems with sun damage”? It’s so true. Don’t you just miss those pre-dystopian days of the year long rolling eclipses? Man, I was so mad when it suddenly started being day all the time. I just thought to myself “God, now what am I going to do? All that sun damage will play havoc with my skincare routine.” So thank God for Carrie Underwood and Olay.

Also, Carrie reveals to us that “when my skin is clear and moisturised, and my make-up’s on”, she feels like she can do and achieve anything. Yeah, you tell it like it is Carrie! Fuck those years of education in journalism. That shit did squat for your self esteem. It’s all about the cherry blossom lipstick in your purse. It’s unfortunate, when you think about it. Because you’re essentially one mugging away from being that miserable, over-educated and un-preened young woman you must have been before Olay quashed all those silly myths about skincare not being the be all and end all of a woman’s worth.

Still, nice voice.

Voice 33 – Laetitia Sonami

The group I refer to as “my pretentious friends” tell me I’m very 2007. I suspect that’s not a compliment, but nonetheless and in the spirit of being slightly behind the curve, here’s the song Roses and Teeth from Matmos’ 2006 album The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of the Beast, with Sonami on vocals.

This song is really in the Mysterious Stranger category of soothing, ie if you can be soothed whilst simultaneously realising you’re going to have very strange dreams that night, it’s great!

Voice 18 – Tom Waits


Voice 14 – Irwin Zeplowitz

I sometimes wonder if religious leaders have to attend some kind of special soothing voice training camp as part of their training. Sort of makes me wish I believed in any of it. Sort of.

The song holds up pretty well against the thousand other comedy youtube Lady Gaga covers out there. Remember kids, “the shofar can be your telephone”.

Voice 13 – Dusty Springfield (Windmills of your Mind)

If you can ignore the bafflingly literal graphics in this video, the song is overwhelmingly gorgeous.

Voice 4 – Jeanette

Jeanette singing “Porque te vas” or “Why are you leaving?” Luxurious.

Also features in the soothing voice fiesta that is Cría Cuervos.