Voice 50 – Ibrahim Al Alhabib

Update: In case any of you are confused, I’ve changed the first song on this post to the song Assouf, because I prefer it and I’m fickle. The song that was here before (Ikyadarh Dim) is still after the jump.

A very deserving 50th voice here, as I jump right on the “what’s trendy in world music” bandwagon. But the band he sings for, Tinariwen, is pretty stupendous so I’ll make peace with my sheepitude on this occasion.

A couple more videos after the jump, including them performing live with another favourite, TV on the Radio  More

Voice 42 – Carrie Underwood

Yes, the advert is completely and utterly ludicrous. For example, did you know that “you see more and more that people are having problems with sun damage”? It’s so true. Don’t you just miss those pre-dystopian days of the year long rolling eclipses? Man, I was so mad when it suddenly started being day all the time. I just thought to myself “God, now what am I going to do? All that sun damage will play havoc with my skincare routine.” So thank God for Carrie Underwood and Olay.

Also, Carrie reveals to us that “when my skin is clear and moisturised, and my make-up’s on”, she feels like she can do and achieve anything. Yeah, you tell it like it is Carrie! Fuck those years of education in journalism. That shit did squat for your self esteem. It’s all about the cherry blossom lipstick in your purse. It’s unfortunate, when you think about it. Because you’re essentially one mugging away from being that miserable, over-educated and un-preened young woman you must have been before Olay quashed all those silly myths about skincare not being the be all and end all of a woman’s worth.

Still, nice voice.

Voice 34 – A little girl called Nina

There’s a pretty sizeable number of young children I could listen to all day provided they don’t get into a tantrum or start pulling my hair. Which is rare. Nina happens to be on Youtube though, so theoretically I could actually listen to her all day and be guaranteed not to get my hair-pulled or an unwelcome finger up my nose. Which is really all I ask.

More Nina videos after the jump  More

Voice 27 – Susan Goms

I know I’m being horribly lazy at the moment and only uploading other people’s suggestions, but I just haven’t come across any especially soothing voices lately. Also I’ve been a little busy with my other blog *plug alert*, Girl some kind of Gamer.

Anyway, here’s Racquet’s suggestion, Susan Goms on how to remove stains. I’ve watched it 5 times and still have no idea how to actually remove the stains, simply too distracted by the language of soothe. Although, full disclosure, I’ve always found the sound “Gom” to be slightly disturbing, ever since I downloaded GOM player for my computer. I don’t know, it just sounds like the description of some form of obscene substance. Sorry Susan.

Voice 17 – Urgelt

Who is Urgelt? And why has he created a Youtube account consisting entirely of quiet, leisurely poetry readings? Who knows. The very understated manifesto on his youtube profile says:

If I could sum up my message in a few words, I’d probably use these: be skeptical of what people tell you, there are a lot of self-serving liars at large. Use search engines, they are the most powerful invention since printed books. Be amazed at the wonderful universe we live in. Be in love with literature and poetry. Try to be kind; a world filled with kindness is a nicer place to live.

So I suppose I’ll let that speak for itself.

I chose this video, a reading of the poem The Children’s Hour by Henry Longfellow, because by chance I happened to buy a beautifully illustrated second-hand book called Excelsior by the same poet while in Edinburgh and only discovered afterwards that he was a very well-known children’s author at one time. It’s also rather lovely that he finishes this video with the advice “Fathers. Read to your children.”