Voice 52 – Nick Gray

I came across this video while watching episode 50 of the very odd MarbleHornets Slender Man webseries. It came on automatically before the episode, and my thought process went something like this:

God damn! I have to watch an advert? What? It’s three and a half minutes? Don’t these people understand the internet but at all? Gah, and you can’t even skip it. Fine I’ll just mute it and do something else for three minutes until it’s over. There we go, muted. Ah blessed sile…actually, you know, now that it’s gone. Yeah, you know, I sort of miss it. There was a quality to it that I… liked… Oh. Wait. THE VOICE! IT WAS THE VOICE! HAH, BLOG TIME.

So here it is. Building plastics.

Fun fact for you. The muzac at the end of this video is also used at the end of the featured video for Voice 20. So I guess someone out there likes it.

Voice 38 – David Heyman, and I’m a dickhead

Oh dear, having just checked my inbox I am super sorry to the people who’ve sent me email suggestions that I’ve ignored and my general lack of updatonage. I really never expect people to be as interested in my bizarre soothe habit as they are. And for some strange reason this only makes me more concerned for the sanity of me.

However, I’ve now cycled through my biannual foodie and videogame phase (I categorise life themes different from other people) and I’m back on soothy. Also Joss Whedon as other cracked fans (I see us as the victims) may have gleaned from the -age and the -y. Just watched all seven seasons of Buffy in a row in just over a week. Which was great, even if its fatal flaw is that I found no evidence of true soothe. Though Anthony Stewart Head has potential. Bear with me, I am hitting his back catalogue. I’ll find something with the sincere promise that it will not involve creepy instant coffee. Geeaaauuurggghh (that’s my shudder noise).

Meanwhile, here’s David Heyman discussing Harry Potter, as suggested by Maria. Thanks Maria.



I’m calm. It’s fine.

Voice 35 – Desmond Tutu

Obviously. Just listen to the way he says “atavistic”. Granted, not the most cheerful subject matter, but he’s saying nice things about it.

More Desmond saying good things after the jump.  More

Voice 32 – mausolfb

I love videogames, and the minimal intonation of the narrator is bettered only by my minimal understanding of what he’s talking about. But then emotional passivity and incomprehension are things I always find very soothing. Enjoy.

Voice 31 – CERN scientist guy

Yeah I don’t know what his name is. Nice voice though.

Voice 30 – Clay Carson

Ah lecturers. They have a hard life. Turn up with a nasal monotone whine and people won’t be able to bear to listen long enough to follow what you’re saying. Turn up, on the other hand, with a voice like Clay Carson’s, and as fascinating as his subject matter (African American Freedom Struggles) might be you’ll be lulled into a trance before you ever make head or tail of his conclusion.

Thankfully, though, we’re not history students. Well, maybe students of the history of soothe. So we can just enjoy. And, if you can stay awake long enough, this is informative to boot.

Voice 27 – Susan Goms

I know I’m being horribly lazy at the moment and only uploading other people’s suggestions, but I just haven’t come across any especially soothing voices lately. Also I’ve been a little busy with my other blog *plug alert*, Girl some kind of Gamer.

Anyway, here’s Racquet’s suggestion, Susan Goms on how to remove stains. I’ve watched it 5 times and still have no idea how to actually remove the stains, simply too distracted by the language of soothe. Although, full disclosure, I’ve always found the sound “Gom” to be slightly disturbing, ever since I downloaded GOM player for my computer. I don’t know, it just sounds like the description of some form of obscene substance. Sorry Susan.

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